Frances Cooper wins major international architectural award

I’m delighted to say that a former student of Ecology Urbanism and Culture at the University of Auckland, Frances Edith Cooper has gloriously won this major international architecture award…for her proposal for the Auckland Waterfront…Untitled-9
Congratulations and well done Frances. I have to say her work is exquisite and it blew me away when I saw it in the final masters presentation.
See architecture-of-the-synthetic-the-spectacular-and-the-belligerent


Auckland water-based design: growing the blue corridor


After seeing the images of the bright purple dye spill in the waterway in a creek of the upper Manukau Harbour, I thought to present a counter view on how a water intelligent city may look, check out this great video made by Melbourne’s team on Water Sensitive Cities and how they imagine Melbourne to look in the future through the implementation of blue corridors and water sensitive design Water Sensitive Cities Continue reading

Living, working, breathing in Paris

Bassin La Villette a

Bassin La Villette in the snow, detail of panorama. J Clarke

I’m over half way through my post-doc residency hosted at the Laboratoire AMP
Architecture, Milieu, Paysage (landscape) as part of the Ecole Nationale Superieur de Architecture de Paris La Villette, here in the 19th arrondisement. I’m working on a book and exhibition project…around themes of liquid urbanism, biorhythmia and water vitality. Continue reading

Auckland Museum living roof project

Image by Abdul Zainui with Andy Lockyer, Jaqs Clarke and Desmond Burdon. Rocking chair by Linda Ea

Image by Abdul Zainui with Andy Lockyer, Jaqs Clarke and Desmond Burdon, Rocking chair by Linda Ea

Here are a selection of final images and drawings to complete the work on the Auckland Museum living roof project started in 2012 in ArchGen721. As the course ended at the conceptual design phase without the benefit of a full design studio, the students weren’t able to attempt any final design work, and so I worked with Andy Lockyer, Abdul Zainui and with input from Desmond Burdon (photography) and Sadra Saffari (graphic design), to create these images to attempt to describe the overall student concept design to the Auckland Museum senior management staff, and hopefully to other interested Aucklanders also. Continue reading

Auckland: growth, metabolism, vitality…

Auckland sprawl is the focus of an excellent forum Auckland Growth Studio hosted by Unitec School of Landscape Architecture whose current studio project addresses the question: Can we fit the next 1 million Aucklanders inside the current urban limits….?
Continue reading

Light diffusion and atmosphere in children’s spaces

This semester we are lucky to have Susanne Hoffman as architect in residence from the Technical University of Berlin. Susanne leads the Baupiloten project which is a student-based professional practice that has produced some very interesting design work with children’s spaces especially through the use of light diffusion to create atmosphere. Continue reading