Light diffusion and atmosphere in children’s spaces

This semester we are lucky to have Susanne Hoffman as architect in residence from the Technical University of Berlin. Susanne leads the Baupiloten project which is a student-based professional practice that has produced some very interesting design work with children’s spaces especially through the use of light diffusion to create atmosphere. Continue reading


Zeekracht – complex living systems design

This year in Archgen721 we take inspiration from Rem Koolhaas and OMA’s Netherlands Master Plan titled Zeekracht, a complex integrated systems design around wind energy, including aquaculture, ecotourism, marine bioreserves, and the repurposing of a decommissioned oil rig, etc. Continue reading

Silo Park in Auckland

13th August 2011

    Last weekend (5-6 August 2011) Auckland celebrated the long-awaited opening of the new Wynyard Quarter, the most attractively positioned post-industrial emerging public space of our city. For a long time the beautiful Wai-te-mata, the sea of black obsidian, has washed up against the vertical poles of marine sub-structure to a farm of tanks, which have been haphazardly leaking toxic petroleum waste in spurts, spills and drips into our lovely harbour. As history observes, when the petrodollars walk away, the collective starts dreaming into new spaces of possibility.

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